Thursday, September 6, 2018

Transition Centre Update

Transition Centre introduced the Cove Institute program at Crickfest this year (last weekend).
Last year we had a display on “The Road to a Sustainable Future.”  It was about what we know, or don’t, that needs to be done to achieve a sustainable future and the question of capacity – do we have the resources, particularly human resources, to get this job done?  The primary focus was on Deep Leadership.  We updated the Transition Centre web and blog sites to reflect this project.
The Cove Institute was a project formed in 2002 by a group of colleagues and friends mostly in Arizona and California.  The name was inspired by a location – a beautiful cove on the Pacific coast where several meetings occurred that this project grew out of.  The issue was about dealing with the accelerating rate of change.  The approach was community, knowledge and purposeful action.
Transition Centre was an outgrowth of the Cove Institute model adapted to address the specific issues related to sustainability and building on the UK Transition Towns model.  Transition Centre achieved a unique expression of that model.  We have unusually rich resources to draw on in Centre County.  Our sustainability master plan template can be found on our web site.
Since last year, through conversations, research and synthesis, it seems appropriate to reintroduce the Cove Institute system.  A preliminary synthesis of materials will be published this month under the title:  Self-Reliance:  Achieving Personal Resiliency and Independence.  This is a foundation document for Deep Leadership development. 

A new Cove Institute page has been added to the Transition Centre web site: